The demand for telemedicine is rising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most vulnerable groups are seniors suffering from chronic illnesses who require frequent health check-ups. Due to lockdown policies and social distancing measures, caregivers may not be able to reach seniors in need. In light of this issue, we devoted ourselves to the mission of revolutionising elderly healthcare by building a two-way app platform, Summer Health. It features remote smart monitoring for the elderly, health data analytics and data visualisation for caregivers to monitor seniors' health easily.

What it does

The app has 2 account types: one for caregivers and one for elderly users.

Caregiver user interface

Once caregivers sign up for their own account, they can invite patients to use the app. The app will provide a PIN they can share with their patient, making it easier for the elderly patient, who does not need to set up their account. Caregivers can import existing medical records or manually input pre-existing health conditions of the seniors. All health data is kept securely in our database and will be fed into our machine learning models in order to help in predicting and monitoring the patients' health conditions.

On the caregiver's home page, their patients' data is shown on a data analytics dashboard with the most important values and metrics being displayed (such as blood sugar level for diabetic patients). The caregivers will receive alerts in the form of red warning labels when any abnormal values or issues are identified. If there is an emergency, whether determined by the app or by the elderly patient, caregivers will automatically be notified through a direct phone call.

Caregivers can also contact their care recipients through the in-app chat, set threshold values for different health parameters and edit/add new patient profiles.

Elderly user interface

For elderly users, their user interface is designed to be simple and easy to follow, with large buttons and clear action indications. Our AI chatbot, nicknamed Summer, conducts daily health check-ups with the elderly by guiding them through the process including taking photos for facial recognition, asking them general and health-related questions. Seniors can respond easily by recording their voice, with speech-to-text functionality. Data from their voice, facial images and other responses will be analysed using machine learning models to determine if they are experiencing any health issues.

Summer the chatbot also serves as their in-home caregiver. Everyone needs real human contact though, so when in doubt, elderly users can easily contact their caregivers through the app's messaging feature.

In addition, elderly users can connect their wearable devices to the app, in order to import health readings and other relevant measurements to further evaluate the patient's health.

Challenges we ran into

We had long discussions on what platform is the most suitable for elderly, we decided to go for tablet/ phone app which includes a wider screen size and includes all necessary hardware (e.g. camera, sensors, microphone).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed the prototype concept that is available for initial user test.

What's next for Summer Health

We are looking to train the models for the machine learning analysis and create an app based on our prototype's design.

Built With

  • figma
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