How much of a document do you actually read? In our fast-paced society, research suggests that it's not much. According to a recent study, users only read approximately 20% of words on a website. People often believe this is enough information to determine whether or not to spend more time actually reading through the details of the site. Although we don't know the average amount of a work document that is read, we can assume the amount is pretty limited. We just don't have time!

That's why we need Read In Shorts. These shortened overviews of documents allow readers to decide whether or not they need to read the complete document. Read In Shorts allow readers to determine the results and recommendations of the document and whether or not the document is applicable to their business needs.

What it does

Read In Shorts generates summary for Confluence Pages using Natural Language Processing and Atlassian Forge. This can be used by users who are reading Confluence pages to quickly read a short summary of the page rather than a long document. Users can use it to determine whether or not they need to read the complete document.

Want to Read All Confluence pages in shorts? Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Add Read In Shorts Macro to your Confluence Page
  • Step 2: Users can click on "Generate Summary" button to Generate Summary for the Confluence page that they are reading
  • Step 3: Summary is generated right below the page content. Read In Shorts and Enjoy!

How we built it

We built it using Atlassian Forge, Forge UI, Confluence APIs and Natural Language Processing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build apps very fast using Forge was very easy. It was a great learning for the both of us. We would definitely love to build more apps for Atlassian Products using Forge.

What we learned

We learnt how Atlassian Forge could be used to build apps for Atlassian Cloud products. Building the app using Forge was a great experience as it does most of the work for you. All we need is to code!

What's next for Read In Shorts

  • Add feature to add custom questions to the list of AutoGenerated questions.
  • Give a customization feature to the user to choose the maximum number of questions the user wants to generate.
  • Add a feature to generate a Certificate and Store the result on completion of the quiz.
  • Add a feature to generate questions based on the images and videos used in the Confluence page.

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