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We all love Slack, but sometimes in big teams it is impossible to keep up with all the messages.

What it does

Sumantha works with a Slack command '/catchup' or by contacting her as with other bots. Sumantha is also accessible through a Echo Skill, which makes it really convenient to use.

How we built it

We are using a AWS Lambda function that gets POSTS requests from the Bot and answers back with the most important messages. In order to calculate the relevance of the messages, we take into account several parameters:

  • Number of reactions
  • Length of the message
  • Mentions to the user and/or channel
  • Frequency of the messages, to know which messages triggered a discussion

Challenges we ran into

Debugging a Lambda function and formatting data so the Echo is able to read it. Also, parsing the input for the Slack bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a working product of an idea with a useful outcome.

What we learned

Using the Slack API, Bot SDK, Alexa SDK and AWS Lambda functions to create a voice application. We've also learnt to value which are the important factors in a conversation and how to gather these data.

What's next for Sumantha

*Improving the algorithm to make it work with high volumes of messages. *Being available in the Echo Store and as a Slack app.

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