We were always thinking to solve any problem which we face in our daily lives. People today are a bit lazy to go to a particular website and read the complete news article. We thought why not solve this problem which would save our time.

In fact I came to know about this summarization thing when a person from UK contacted me to create an API for him which summarizes the articles. I started researching about it and found that I can do it using my Python skills. He didn't turn up but I thought of taking this idea forward for my personal learning and we came up with this idea.

Anybody who uses web can be our target user. Everyone uses facebook and twitter today and they get news articles link in their news feed every minute.Not everybody has time to read the complete article so they can use this app to save their time.

Key Features:-

1) We are able to get the summarized article near to about 80% of accuracy. 2) Our app takes 4-8 times lesser time than what some of the existing app takes to get the summary. 3) We app has very less rate of giving the junk value as the existing app sometimes return absurd things. 4) Since it's still a research area we feel happy even if we could do 50% of a perfect point.

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