According to the NBC News $3.3 million Americans participate in fantasy football, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. The FSTA found that $1.18 billion changes hands between players through pools each year.

What is Sulu?

Sulu is a cross-platform, lightweight app that is developed for sports enthusiasts to experience the real essence of their favorite leagues by making predictions on the end results. Sulu will assist a national satellite TV provider to invigorate their fan audience with an interactive second-screen app, using their iOS or Android device. Sports fans can try and make predictions (e.g. the score outcome) while watching a soccer game on TV. Accurate predictions are rewarded with cash and sponsored prizes!

Sulu is an intuitive and user-friendly app is developed to be compatible with all the mobile OS platforms making sure users have access to it regardless of the device they use :)

Sulu has the ability to deliver all the important information like team news, league schedule, past match status etc. with 100% accuracy. Needless to say, all these information related to the leagues becomes highly advantageous in terms of predicting the end result of a particular game.


  • Easy to use user interface The user interface of Sulu features highly user-friendly characteristics. All the options are arranged in an easily accessible mode, making it a pleasant experience for the users. Because of the less complexity, the user can quickly respond to the alerts when necessary.

  • Always up-to-date Sulu is designed to get updated quite frequently, making sure users have latest alerts in order to do accurate predictions. These alerts include highly useful statistics pertaining to teams and leagues.

  • Virtual Coins This particular app utilizes real money and sponsored prizes. The app has a store where users can redeem coins and buy gifts using their coins (e.g. iPhone X, NFL & NBA Tickets). Users can simply increase their coins as they progress with accurate predictions and wins!

How I built it

  • Poylmer 2.0+
  • Google API
  • Youtube API
  • GEO Location API
  • Web Components
  • Service Workers
  • HTTP/2
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JS


  • Advertisement will be displayed infrequently while users are watching sports games.
  • Allow users to collect coins by watching and completing ads.


  • Google API
  • Push Notifications
  • Integrating AT&T API
  • iOS & Android Compatiblity
  • Obtaining Coin Collection Functionality
  • Developing Custom Animations
  • Developing Mobile Responsive + Interactive Chart


  • Build Multi-platform (iOS and Android) Progressive Web Application
  • Build reusable components
  • Code refactor over 10,000 lines of code
  • Designed Beautiful & Intuitive User Interface
  • Build Alpha Application in 72 hours

What I learned

  • Polymer 2.0+
  • Google API
  • Youtube API
  • Chart JS
  • Advanced JS
  • Advanced CSS
  • Open Source Library

What's next for Sulu

  • Integrate & Partner with AT&T SportsNet
  • Allow users to sign in with AT&T & Direct TV Account
  • Allow users to select their favorite Teams
  • Social Platform Integration
  • All Sports Schedule

Supported Games:

Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, BeachSoccer, BeachVolleyball, CounterStrike, Dota, Futsal, ice hockey, Rugby & SuperBowl

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