This summer, I have development first women health app in Kazakhstan, named “Sulu”. It might seem that there are enough existing applications like that, but Sulu is more than just an application on your phone. Growing up in a country, where girls are not taught basic women health education; I felt an extreme need in creating an app, which will keep women aware of their own body. The bigger purpose of my project is to educate women about their health and create a community, where women can be open about their sexual health.

What it does?

Women health app Sulu , which includes:

  1. Menstruation Calendar
  2. Dictionary of women health terms
  3. Tips on how to survive periods

How we built it

I built it using Swift programming language, XCode Integrated development environment. For design part I have used Sketch, Craft, Zeplin.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The most important accomplishment for me is to know that my app helps somehow girls in my country to understand their health better. It reached 2nd place in Kazakhstani AppStore in a week after launching.

What you learned

I have learned that hard-work and determination are the key to success!

What's next for Sulu

This project continues as I am working on 2.O version, which will include:

  1. New Language added: Kazakh
  2. Online-Consultancy with local gynecologists

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