I realized how important it is to have a family together, when i started following my dad to work at his construction site. He knew that working in the industry is a risk because at any given time you are exposed to danger. As i grew up i felt that becoming an engineer would help make the world a better place and i did until i got my first professional in a top NY firm. In my first month a grave accident occurred at the project i was placed in, it was then known that two men had fallen off an aerial lift. One was critically injured and one unfortunately died, the gentlemen that died left behind a family, while the other was critically injured with a hip replacement. As everyone scrambled to get information on the equipment on the men, i realized that there is a lot of room for technology to be used in order to help prevent more people from injury or worse death. That Technology can be SullyBee.

What it does

SullyBee helps communicate rental equipment better faster, updates everyone in the project letting supervisors know how many rental equipment are used at any single minute and who is using them.

How I built it

We are building it with IOT and application based software using soracom, raspberry pi, a Huwai modem, and firebase for softwrae application.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into the following challenges: Working remotely, coordinating the meetings, working on the hardware from different areas.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Team we have, the project we are aiming for and that we agreed to continue together after the competition.

What I learned

How to use IoT and program raspberry Pi.

What's next for SULLYBEE

Get one rental equipment to be successful, keep building IoT devices for construction and help improve safety.

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