We decided to unleash our inner nerd and create something that we wished was around when we were younger. Sully Potter brings pretend magic fights to a whole new level. Using built in phone sensors and the IBM BlueMix servers we created an mage battle app that allowed users to say 'spells' (voice recognition) while waving their 'wand' (motion detection on the phone) to either attack the other player or heal themselves. This would emulate a grand wizards battle with the phones acting as wands. We wanted our idea to be simple enough to reasonably implement within the scope of the hackthon, but also have to potential to organically grow and expand as we add more features in the future.

We needed many different elements to make this idea work. We needed backend developers to set up the voice recognition and to make sure the phones could communicate with each-other via the server. We needed an android app developer to create an intuitive and simple interface that could make use of the signals between devices and logic of the game itself. We also needed a designer to create visually interesting and consistent animated images for the spells that would make the game fun and exciting to play.

We hope in the future to add several new features to this game in the future. Not only do we hope to add more game features such as spell levels, teams, new spells; we also want to fine tune the voice and motion sensitivity. We also want improve the design and offer improved visual feedback for players.

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