Overview; This application, “Sukiyaki”, allows customers and restaurants to be connected one-to-one through the use of receipts. Customers can build-up a collection of meals they have eaten. Restaurants can expand their marketing database by connecting their one-to-one customer information to their POS data, and then using the data to increase their sales.

Customers; When a customer has a meal at a restaurant, he/she will get a receipt with a QR code printed on it. He/she will scan the code with his/her iPhone, and receive the names and pictures of all the dishes and drinks he/she has consumed. It is fun to build a collection of your meals. You will be able to share the information with others showing pictures. When you visit the same place again, it will be easy to find the names of meals you previously enjoyed.

Restaurants; Restaurants simply need to connect “Sukiyaki” to their POS system, take attractive pictures of their dishes, and upload them to Force.com. What makes this different from social media, such as Yelp, is that the customer data belongs purely to your restaurant. This enables one-to-one marketing. It is possible to send a special offer for his/her birthday. You can provide a repeat customer with a special coupon.

Extensibility; In the future this application can be used not only for restaurant businesses, but also for retail businesses. Regardless of the products a company sells, they will be able to connect products and customers one-to-one through the use of receipts.

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