Innovating healthcare for the future in attempt to simplifying the life of a diabetic.

How it works

Sukario Kids is a tier for the overall main app Sukario; a portable on the go blood analyzer and recorder. Sukario Kids is a communication app between school nurses and parents. Parents will be able to keep track of their child's health throughout the school day. Whenever the child comes in to get their blood check the nurse will through the app select from a contact list the child and simply input the child's sugar level and a text will automatically be sent to the parent informing them of their child's current condition

Challenges I ran into

Our initial idea of Sukario ran in to various issues all leading back to time constraint, lack of experts from various fields, and funding. This is where we decided to do a tiered version, Sukario Kids. Challenges that we encountered with Sukario Kids is having every aspect of the app save successfully and making sure the table didn't over ride itself whenever a new student was added to the contact list.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments we are proud of is being inventive by bringing something knew to the app world and our flexibility of being able to change and alter game plans when problems arose.

What I learned

Through the development of the app we learned how to utilize MIT App Inventor and Autodesk Inventor. One of the key things that we learned and realized is that apps in general, especially complex ones take time and various trial and errors. We learned to take everything one step at a time and perfecting them rather than trying to do and include everything on the app with poor execution.

What's next for Sukario Kids

Sukario Kids will continue on working and innovating its app adding more features such as emergency contact and allowing the parent to respond back to the nurse through the app if needed. This is a tiered version of our initial app that we would like to accomplish so there will most likely be more releases and updates before the final product is released.

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