SuiTest plugin is like tailored suit for JIRA! We focus mainly on three things to make this plugin best solution for Test Management.

  1. Provide JIRA like user experience. Users will recognize suiTest as build-in JIRA functionality. Using it is natural, smooth and easy if you are already familiar with JIRA.

  2. Extendable. We know that each business is unique and even with such relatively small topic as Test Management it may come with different flavors. That is why we want to cover different architectures and approaches to TM. Also, we build this plugin to be extendedable with custom development just in case you need something unique.

  3. Flexibility. SuiTest is build from small components and that means a lot! You can use all or just some of them. Many components are general-purpose solutions - that let you to use them across JIRA for what ever you like. We will keep continue enhancing suiTest plugin that way!

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