As fashion lovers, it is quite saddening to see the same monotonous designs everywhere so much to the point you don’t know which brand the clothes are from. This piqued the need for us to look for designs that were new and catchy.

What it does

This is a prototype showcasing our startup idea that uses generative art techniques to design clothes. We would refresh our clothing lines frequently and make sure our consumers receive the freshest and the most exclusive clothing possible. Imagine how cool it is to own a piece of clothing that is unique to you, AND designed by a computer!

How we built it

We ran the Python/ Processing code to generate ~3000 samples of art. We then narrowed it down (logistics :( ) to close to 20 samples to create mockups which we put up on the website.

Challenges we ran into

We'd had minor issues with finding a way to make a website prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the opportunity to learn a lot from each other and from the project we made. To get so far with a project in a day is indeed astonishing.

What we learned

You can get inspired by just looking around you.

What's next for Suis Generis

Our prototype only scratches the surface of the infinite possibilities generative art offers. We plan to inculcate more innovative algorithms, community-driven editorials, personalized design requests, and a playground for people to showcase their designs.

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