Since the start of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, many people’s lives have been and continue to be affected by this respiratory virus. It has altered daily routines, has led to financial fear, and forced social isolation.

News outlets and social media have focused heavily on the implications of the virus in regard to physical health and giving recommendations on how to preserve physical well-being. These guidelines include wearing masks out in public, social distancing, and limiting outings to only essential matters. Since the start of quarantining, people have been hit with a new reality, one very different from the reality they felt comfortable in previously. But an issue that has been overlooked is the mental health decline that has accompanied the pandemic. The feeling of worry and stress are normal human responses when people are in a state of danger or threat; and this whole pandemic has caused widespread despair and feelings of vulnerability.


What it does

Webscrapes articles/pages for quotes/authors. Transfers information into a JSON file via Python, which ReactJS takes and displays to the user that's easy to interact with.

How we built it

Using visual studio code, we implemented Resources library to webscrape information from the URL provided.

Challenges we ran into

Making it look nice, as well as using ReactNative to do what we want.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing random and different images in our code, as well as making it look really minimal and clean.

What we learned

Our group members all learned different things, such as webscraping (for Rasheed and Chathuri), and Johann learned a bunch of small factors like refreshing the file in order to view changes.

What's next for Sugooji

Adding more media and features and AI to tailor tastes.

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