In the pre-pandemic world where there was more to do other than go on walks, our team has had similar experiences where we could not figure out what activity or event to attend during our free times. We developed an app to help provide suggestions and hopefully find new and interesting events around the user's location.

What it does

The application displays a stack of events, specific to the user's current location, and allows the user to either swipe left or right to ignore or 'ok' an event. This experience is similar to tinder and allows the user to interactively see the events around them and saving any they may be interested in. The user can then look at the list of events (i.e., their 'matches') and pick an event they would like to attend. In a pre-pandemic world (and soon to be post-pandemic) this app would help users answer the age-old question: "What should I do tonight?"

How we built it

We split into two sub-teams: front-end and back-end. For the front-end, we developed it using React Native and Typescript so that the application can work cross-platform. For the back-end, we developed it using Node.js, Express, and Typescript along with Firebase as our database.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting location permission from the app (was not able to accomplish this given time constraint)
  • Authentication for the mobile app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Created a functioning mobile application from scratch and learning a new technology along the way
  • Developing a recommendation system/feedback loop to provide the user more suggested events based on their swipes

What we learned

Front-end: half the team has had experience with React from past projects but we wanted to gain more experience developing front-end applications. We also wanted to learn how to develop mobile applications. This project has allowed us to gain more experience through developing with React Native and Typescript.

Back-end: most of the team has had limited experience developing a back-end server so this project was a great opportunity to learn how to create a Nodejs / Express server from scratch. We also gained experience deploying the back-end application through Heroku.

What's next for

  • Improve the UI to make it a more modern feel
  • Explore other APIs (Facebook events, etc.)
  • Work out remaining bugs
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