We love what data can do to help people and that's what inspires us.

What it does

SugarSafe uses cutting-edge machine learning models to make predictions about your blood glucose levels based on your activity.

How we built it

Dan built the machine learning models. Gaurav and Alex worked on the datasets, developed and deployed the applications. Madhur worked on the design and the front-end.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges integrating different languages: our machine learning models were in R, our server code was in Python, and our front-end was in JavaScript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We distributed responsibilities among our team members and leveraged each others' strengths. We dabbled with technologies that we didn't have experience with. For example, we built an Android Wear app as a proof of concept.

What we learned

We learned that with effective team work we can achieve more.

The web app can be accessed at

What's next for SugarSafe

We would like to build more expressive models after getting access to a better dataset.

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