Diabetes is a tenuous disease where one has to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels to make sure that they are in a healthy range. The monitoring process involves pricking the skin to extract a blood sample, a process that can be irritating for adults let alone kids. That is where Sugar Pops comes in. Kids can enter their blood sugar levels, play the game, and the application automatically saves the child’s blood sugar levels, the time and date of entry, and their score. If need be, parents can look back on this simple log to monitor the fluctuations in the child’s glucose levels. The blood sugar levels that the child enters also controls how fast the sugar on the screen will appear, so if the child’s blood sugar is too low the sugar will remain more stagnant - easy for the child to catch, where as if the child’s blood sugar is too high the sugar will be too fast - difficult for the child to catch. The idea of the sugar appearing too fast or too slow indirectly teaches children about a healthy range of glucose levels they should have. This fun, simple, yet useful app gives diabetes logging a colorful twist.

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