Our inspiration came from looking at the type apps and things out there that diabetic people have to cope with and absolutely hate them. We want to make that a better experience rather than making it a into boring chore.

What it does

Web Application: The web application let's the diabetic patient view data in a user-friendly way. It focus on graphical user interface and social aspect where other diabetic people can communicate with each other to improve their diets and health as well as let our system give them automatic suggestions based on the recent data they have provided on the website.

Android Application: An Android mobile applications that lets a diabetic patient make an account that let them record their blood pressure at different times and displays that information on a list whenever they want to see it. If their blood pressure is between 70 and 180, that means it is in range and they will gain 10 points. Otherwise they will lose 10 points. By gaining enough points the patient will gain levels. Maximum of level 3. It is best for the patients’ health to stay at level 3.

Challenges I ran into

Android Application: Loading data. Loading list view of the blood pressure data at certain time. Tried to turn the listview to a graph that will be easier but our team made a web application for that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Android Application: Completion of the application with so little few bugs that does not affect the efficiency of the application. Web Application: Being able to use machine learning to provide suggestions to the user over a long period of time with the data that has been provided as well as they can interact with the web app by using voice input to record their daily stats.

What I learned

We learned a lot about how diabetic people have to keep their daily activities in check and to make it easier for themselves using technology to aid them and make it easier for them to keep it in control.

What's next for Sugar

Next up we hope to use hardware that will automatically send the blood glucose level to our system without the user having to input in manually. Also using mobile health api's such as google fit to to record their exercise data and use machine learning to analyze live data better. Make a social application where the levels are not only up to 3 but to infinity. Will show people that they are not alone in this and people are living healthy.

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