Several years ago, I lived in village and I didn't have the opportunity to learn Arabic letters in my place and there was no person who could give me that knowledge. So, I was learning Arabic letters on my own. Today, when I work as a professional programmer I want to build an application that will facilitate learning Arabic letters for people who also live in places far away from mosques, Islamic centers, and masjids. There is a lot of people in Europe who are in that situation and they will find our application very useful.

What it does

It teaches non-arabs (bosnians for now, but it will be translated to other European languages) Arabic letters and rules of properly reading of Holy Quran. It has explanations, images, examples, and exercises for every lesson

How we built it

We built it with React and React-Native (JavaScript frameworks)

Challenges we ran into

How to offer the best possible user experience. That's the biggest challenge here because it's really hard to learn everything regarding reading Quran properly on your own. Primary, you have to learn Quran in front of sheikh or hafiz and that's the most correct way. Every alternative for that practice has a lot of challenges, one of the biggest is user experience. So, we thought about extending this platform for testing your knowledge in front of your sheikh online. Maybe it can be tested via sending voice messages which is going to be listened by sheikh and he will leave some comment on that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of the number of users in such a small time interval. We have more than 5000 installations, from both of play store and ios app store (3500+ Android, 1500+ iOS users). Also, there are fantastic reviews by these users. Both apps have 5 stars average rating and more than 90 people rated apps.

What we learned

We learned how to work in a team, how to exchange our ideas, how to solve complex problems, and how to work together for the sake of Allah

What's next for Moja Sufara - Arabic letters and tajweed for non-arabs

  • New way of testing knowledge: send voice message and you will receive a response from your sheikh
  • Tests adapted to a kids
  • Video examples for tajweed lessons
  • Translate application for the most popular languages in Europe (English, German, Turkey,...)

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