This is a site I created for an internship in the summer of 2015. It takes data from an excel file that wasn't displayed in a very appealing way, and displays both the raw data and several graphs on the website in a more intuitive way - plus there is interactivity with filters.

How it works

Made using Meteor, plus the D3.js library.

Challenges I ran into

Before this project, I was new to almost every aspect of web development. So pretty much everything was a challenge, but I learned a ton. The final project is also a little hacky, since I at times had to rely on tutorials, but when possible I go back and make things more efficient.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the site in general, and of the fact that aside from using a boilerplate and following a few tutorials this website is made from scratch. I also particularly like the filters and the bar graph interactivity.

What I learned

I learned html, JavaScript, MiniMongo, Meteor, a bit of D3, and a bit of CSS/LESS.

What's next for SUE Caribe Report Site

Right now the online version is rather slow, so much so that often the data doesn't load, and I have some ideas about how to restructure to solve that.

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