When you're sitting down, need a drink, and don't want to get up. Additionally, the ability to see what your friends have been drinking.

What it does

An iOS app that controls a beverage-can-launcher through a Raspberry Pi. The signal is sent over the local wifi network.

In the app a barcode scanner is present so that you can share whatever you're drinking through your friends. Statistics and trends are calculated to show what the most popular canned drinks are.

Challenges we ran into

Difficulties acquiring resources and tools for building the launcher.

Knowledge surrounding the implementation of Raspberry Pi's needed to be acquired.

Difficulty with communication between iOS app and Raspberry Pi without creating a separate database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to quickly send a signal and cause a can or Red bull to consistently fly across the room.

What we learned

Working with Raspberry Pi, Swift, and communicating between the two.

What's next for Suds with Buds

For the launcher and Raspberry Pi controller, adding full automation capability including: pulling back the bungee, re-engaging the release mechanism, and the final release. Integrating a scanner and way of rotating the cans so that the label can be scanned regardless.

For the iOS app, integrating more detailed analytics into the trends section. Potentially integrating other forms of social media.

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