Welcome to SudoSolve®! In this guide you'll find instructions on how to compile and run this project.

Since Ed workspaces don't have enough space to house React.js dependencies, we've included the output of npm run build in the build folder.

How to create a build

If you are running this outside of the Ed workspace or want to create a new build, simply run npm run build while in the project root. This will create a new build in the build subfolder.

How to run the app

Run from source

If you'd like to run the project from source (you will not be able to do this on Ed) you can simply run npm run start. Then, you can access the running webapp at localhost:3000.

Run a previously created build

However, most likely you'd like to run this app from the Ed workspace. In this case, you need to serve the files from the build folder. For convenience, we've included a script in the project root which automates this process. Therefore, all you need to do is navigate to the project root with cd ~/sudosolve and then run the command ./ This will serve the webapp at You can access it by clicking the Network icon, and then clicking the entry that shows HOST:

How to use the app

Select a board size using the dropdown. The available sizes are 4x4, 9x9, 16x16, and 25x25. The solver is confirmed to work on 25x25, but it takes a while.

If you'd like, you can optionally visualize the algorithm's process in solving the puzzle. This will significantly slow the code down. If you want to visualize it, check the Visualize Algorithm checkbox.

Manually fill in a puzzle

If you want to manually fill in a puzzle, you can do so by typing into the board. You will not be able to type invalid characters into the sudoku board.

These are the valid characters for each board size:

Board Size Valid Input
4x4 1-4
9x9 1-9
16x16 1-9, A-G
25x25 1-9, A-P

Generate random board

If you don't want to manually enter an entire puzzle, you can click Generate random board to create a new random board. This board is guaranteed to be solvable.


To solve the sudoku board, just click Solve! All UI input will be disabled while the algorithm is running, so just sit back and let it think!

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