I saw many Soduku games but lacks of functionalities & design, thats why I decided to create Soduku Fairy. Here you can play the game & also got points & leaderboard position.

What it does

Sudoku Fairy is a game made with help of Velo by Wix & it's APIs. It provinding a simple & user-friendly interface to play Sudoku game with many features like Points & Leaderboard System, Refresh/Restart the Game & Login/Sign Up.

How we built it

I used tools that make it easy to get right into what matters: I develop this whole game using WIX & Velo and also use Wix Member & Wix Data APIs

Challenges we ran into

Creating a game, deploying it, and adding functionality were full of fun and exciting challenges along the way, but Velo & it's documentation makes all the things easy for me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Committing to something new with the knowledge you are submitting it for judging takes courage, to begin with! I am proud I committed, created something I was inspired by, and followed through by submitting it!

What I learned

I learned how small things take more time. Taking a game from an idea to a functioning thing is a multi-step process that I knew nothing about before beginning my journey with this challenge.

I learned a lot about Velo & it's APIs and going back in time when you make a mistake.

What's next for Sudoku Fairy

I would like to publish it on real domain and also like to refactor and optimize with a focus on accessibility. Making the application more responsive & multi pages and will give to the peoples a different level of experience of SUDOKU.

Demo Link

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