Inspiration - To create a mind challenging puzzle that can be played on a Discord chat bot.

What it does - It creates a Sudoku matrix in a chat bot on Discord when a player types in "!play". It then validates the players input and either congratulates him/her or prompts the user to try again. We've added a feature in our puzzle to make it more challenging; the user can input his/her answers only once and if it is wrong the game terminates. There's is no second chance!

How we built it - We used Python 3 in visual studio to code our puzzle. To handle all the Discord API calls, we used Discord Python Library.

Challenges we ran into - Unable to format the matrix well due to time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Successfully running the program on a Discord Chat Bot.

What we learned - Coding in Python, creating a website, creating a Discord Bot, interacting with coders from different skill levels, and many other interesting things.

What's next for Sudoku Discord Game - Needs error handling and good formatting.

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