Graphic User Interface Sudoku Solver made with Python3, Tkinter and Brute-Force algorithm


The GUI is made with Tkinter. The Grid is displayed with a 9x9 Matrix of Entry, gray and white-colored and positioned with .grid() No Buttons, 1 Menu with 'File' cascade and 3 commands: 'Quit', 'Solve sudoku', and 'Clear' .It reset the cell if it's not inserted 1-9 number.

Algorithm: Brute Force

• Starts setting to 0 all empty cells • Search the next cell to fill checking if is equal to 0 • Tries 1-9 numbers until it finds the first correct one for that cell and puts the number into it • If going along it will find an error, it will recursively delete all the inserted cells • It restarts the algorithm and repeats it until finds the correct numbers

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