Sudokill is two-player competitive sudoku. The object of the game is to force your opponent to enter a number that violates the rules of traditional sudoku.


Enter your player name in the input field on the start page to connect to the game and press "Connect". You should see a sudoku board on the left and info panes on the right once you've successfully connected.

Click "Join game" to let Sudokill know you're ready to play. If no other players are "Now Playing" or "On Deck", then you will enter the game. You can play against other humans online, like your friend sitting across the room, or select a computer player bot from the "Choose an Opponent" menu. Once two players have entered the game, you can click "Play" to start playing.

During game play, opponents take turns placing numbers on the game board. The first move can be placed in any open square. When following your opponent's move, you are required to place your next number in either the same row or column as your opponent's previous move. Only a number that does not violate the rules of sudoku placed in the proper row or column will be valid. If no open spaces are available in the required row or column, then the player with the current move is allowed to place a number anywhere on the board again. The valid row and column will be highlighted in GREY if available. Play continues until a player violates the game constraints. An invalid move will be highlighted in RED and the winning player will be announced.


Sudokill started as a class project for the graduate level CS course at NYU, Heuristics. Several students in the class programmed 'player bots'. These are the players listed the 'Choose an Opponent' menu.

It is possible to program your own player bot by writing a program that connects to the Sudokill game server and responds to the Sudokill TCP protocol. Follow the instructions on the Sudokill wiki for setting up a local Sudokill game server to try out your bot. If you're interested in getting your bot added to the Sudokill list of opponents, send me an email at rosskaff at gmail dot com.

Check out the Sudokill on github to fork the code and learn more about the game.

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