This was never finished, though I plan on expanding the premise for future hackathons.


Sudodragon, a cross between technology and the wisdom of Wisdom of Wizards of the Coast, is a unique experience that means you'll never need to leave the world of Dungeons & Dragons to get answers. Stopping to search through a rule book in order to get a clarification on the rules can put a damper on an otherwise fluid campaign.

What it does

Sudodragon allows the user to query any number of questions through Alexa to either get answers, or to know exactly where in the rules to look. Whether you want to convert 9001 copper pieces to electrum, or if you need to know which simple meele weapon can do 1d8 damage, Sudodragon has you covered.

How We built it

We were able to find a few spreadsheets online with stats for D&D spells. We were able to put everything in one Google Sheets documents, with different sheets representing different aspects of D&D. We then converted the sheets to MySQL, which we could query serverlessly from AWS Lambda. We used Flask Ask, a Python Flask extension that allowed us to prototype Alexa Skills extremely quickly.

We were able to plan out the intents for Alexa by using, which will additionally make it easier to expand to other platforms in the future.

Challenges We ran into

Gathering all the data took a while and we were having trouble finding an elegant way of uploading everything to MySQL. Since we were all novices at AWS and Alexa, we had to learn that on the fly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

None of us had previous experience with Alexa before this weekend and we made a pretty well functioning Alexa app.

What We learned

Python stuff. All about Alexa and AWS Lambda. Even learned a few things about the D&D rules.

What's next for Sudodragon

Sudodragon is still far from completed. We haven't fully fleshed out and polished all its functions. We haven't even implemented everything we wanted to this weekend. Amazon still has their Alexa hackathon going on for another month so we plan on continuing to work on the project for that.

Adding more of the rules and more data is obviously a priority, but I also hope to expand the capabilities of currently. We hope to improve it's vocabulary so it will understand more phrases. We hope to more thoroughly test through it, and eventually submit it for certification to Amazon.

In the future we hope to add more books to mix, including Elemental Evil and more information for DM's from the Dungeon Master's Guide. We also hope to potentially add in features to search the web for official (and unofficial) clarifications on the rules. The RPG StackExchange is an excellent resource for people with questions about how to play.

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