We were searching for a fashion-forward way to combat against cold-related respiratory issues and settled on a solar powered jacket with a built-in facemask which heats the air as you breath.

What it does

Takes solar power from a panel on the arm and directs it to indevidually controlled heating elements located within the facemask and pockets. This can combat cold-based respiratory issues and also provide comfort.

How we built it

Designed, pattern drafted, created prototypes, cut out and interfaced and sewed final pieces. Used 3d machine flatbed knitting to create the facemask, programmed control panels in IDE, used a vinyl cutter to cut out the logo, and used a laser cutter to create custom zipper pulls. The finished version will see all power directed from solar panels located on the arm as well as heated elements controlled by the adafruit controllers located in the facemask and the jacket.

Challenges we ran into

Learning IDE was a new challenge as was patterning out some of the more complex elements of the jacket and running power to the Adafruit boards. Another challenge was that as there was no fabric which was a woven we had to use a knit which presented some challenging sewing situations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Were proud to have learned about programming as well as 3d knitting. We're also very proud of the aesthetics of the final project and the usage of laser cutting and surging.

What we learned

We learned a lot about programming, drafting patterns, collaboration, and 3D knitting.

What's next for SUBZERØ

Next we plan to improve the prototype by connecting the Solar panels, removing the batteries and adding the heating elements.

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