Ever showed up at a subway station to find it was closed that day? Ever waited for a train, unaware of the fact that it wasn't coming? Did you know there are five different stations called 23 Street? Outside your daily commute, the subway system can be confusing even to experienced riders. subwayExpert would like to clear that up by providing interactive encyclopedic entries for each subway station and train line.

Where does the R train run after midnight? Open up subwayexpert.com/r/ and click 12-6am. Is there maintenance affecting the 6 this weekend? See subwayexpert.com/6/status. When's the next L train coming? Pull up Bedford Ave on your subwayExpert my stations list and see if you can make it.

Ever found a route home on the subway map, only to wander around looking for the station itself? Opening subwayExpert on your mobile device can find the nearest stations to you and a map of their entrances, rather than the vague [M] symbol on Google Maps (which shows you where the platform is... underground!).

The MTA's subway map is an incredible achievement, but it's best used weekdays before 11pm, not for the 24/7 service that's provided. subwayExpert aims to close that gap by providing real-time information on a station-by-station basis.

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