Would you like to fully take advantage of the free trial offers without accidentally paying the fee when you inevitably forget to cancel before the trial ends? Are you aware of how much money you might be spending on all of your monthly subscription services? Subtrack is aimed at tackling those questions in a simple, user-friendly app; as more and more services tend to move to a subscription based model, Subtrack aims to notify you to cancel your account before your free trial ends, as well as when your regular payments are due so one can be more cognisant of how much money passively leaves your bank account.

What it does

Subtrack allows the users to input or choose from a variety of subscription services to keep track of and manage their finances AND services all in one place. When a subscription or free trial is added into the database, Subtrack sends reminders about your projected and past spending or reminders to cancel a trial before the next billing date to you and your co-payers. Sharing a monthly phone plan or subscription service with your friend that you’re constantly sending payment reminders for? Adding the service to Subtrack will send auto-generated email reminders to your friends to ensure efficient and timely payments.

How I built it

Android Studio!

Challenges I ran into

For the vast majority of the team, this is our first hackathon. Additionally, we have the added pressure of navigating a virtual meetup AND having a 14 hour time difference across three different time zones. Good times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is interactable.

What I learned

Don't underestimate barriers to success.

What's next for Subtrack; Track your Subscription

An index of student catered subscription/discount services so students can get the most bang for their .edu email addresses. Integration into various subscription based services (e.g. App Store, Netflix, Spotify) Include features for the users to donate saved money to the charity of choice.

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