What we propose

Subtite is the first community-driven service for transcribing educational content. It allows motivated learners to make knowledge available beyond the existing language barriers. Just follow three simple steps:

  • Install add-on for your favourite browser
  • Watch educational videos as you usually do
  • Follow a kind suggestion to transcribe a few sentences from the video into your native language

The service integrates seamlessly into your everyday workflow. Try out Subtite and start lifting the language barriers all around the world!

Inspiration and impact

During the global lockdown, there’s a growing demand for online media content. This includes online courses, news stories, as well as recreational content such as youtube blogs and streaming services.

This demand goes well beyond national borders. It brings a growing need for exchange between the online bubbles that are currently in place. One of the most crucial divisions, globally but especially in Europe, is based on language.

We think that having access to the world-leading online courses and the best TV shows should not depend on the language you speak. Our work is meant to facilitate this crucial need. For this, we present the community-driven service for the production of high-quality subtitles: Subtite.

We believe that in many ways, the post-corona world can be a newer and better place - not only that of grief and economic uncertainty. If anything, global online integration is the way to go. However, language barriers still serve as the online equivalent of a lockdown. If we can lift it, let’s do it now!


We worked hard over the weekend in order to produce the first version of the demo available for public use. We are 6 people team and we worked on the project from the 5 independent sides:

It was indeed challenging to both work on the specific section and to communicate the decisions and solutions to other people. We used Slack and Telegram heavily for delayed messaging in order to avoid interruption of people every 5 minutes with Zoom calls. Of course, Zoom was number 1 solution we used for video calls.

Future perspective

We need counselling in marketing and legal aspects. We already see a solid perspective in terms of the functionality of the product in 3 upcoming versions. At this point we need more developers to push the project to the perfect level!


In the development of this service, we met the two crucial challenges. One is to offer the relevant tasks to the viewers, meeting both their motivation level and the sphere of expertise. The other is to combine contributions of different viewers into high-quality content.

During the EU vs Virus hackathon we gave a prototype solution to these key problems, focusing on the specific context of educational resources (such as Coursera, edX and many Youtube channels).

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