Inspiration: Decentralized markets for live Substrate tokens

  • Live Polkadot/Substrate Networks & Parachains only have CEX listings
  • Introduce De-Fi compostability, fee income, liquidity incentives & on-chain governance to the Polkadot Ecosystem
  • Generate Liquidity for Substrate tokens with no markets at all ($PLM - $NODL), to decrease projects "building on Polkadot" with cross-listed ERC-20’s
  • Polkadot network reduces DEX pain points: Expensive transactions

What it does

  • SubswapV1 follows the asset format declared in asset module from substrate.
  • The assets can be minted within the access of the creator, burned, or transferred.
  • Can be proposed to issue an asset in a proposal to get verified from the community or council of $SUNI

How the team built it

  • Initiated the project, Defined project design and specification on README, Developed the substrate runtime module and testing the logic with polkadot.js apps - Hyungsuk
  • Built front end using javascript, react and semantic UI - Jacob
  • Creating branding, organized team collaboration and focused on product roadmap & business development post-hackathon - Josh

Challenges the team ran into

  • Dealing overflows on operation between u128 types - Hyungsuk
  • Communicating with local Substrate chain on front-end - Jacob
  • Organizing work between 3 different time zones. Contacting Polkadot projects that only have ERC tokens & considerations to be made building a de-fi project on Acala, Centrifuge, Darwinia (live networks), SORA (Polkaswap), own parachain (us!) - Josh

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Working demo with code & brand / mission

What I learned

  • I learned how to handle balance type with decimals and U256 type to handle overflows - Hyungsuk Kang
  • I learned how to communicate with local substrate chain - Jacob
  • I learned about different DEX implementations currently being built on polkadot as well as governance token mechanisms - Josh

What's next for Subswap

_ Live test network & create governance mechanisms to fund future implementation & upgradeable AMM models_

  • LP token pool that rewards LPs with $SUNI which enables community control & evolution of the protocol
  • A struct that can handle and accommodate fungible assets’ operation with various digits
  • DEX experience that rewards holders & accommodates active traders
  • Potentially sign up for web3 foundation grant
  • Proactive Market Making & Single-Sided Liquidity (DODO)
  • Low Slippage for Similar Stable Assets (Curve/Blackholeswap)
  • Multi-asset & Dynamically Weighted pools (Balancer)

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