The project Substrate Exchange is inspired by the bounty for "Stack Exchange"-like dapp and curious about how it can be achieved with Subsocial.

What it does

The topics in Substrate Exchange are curated by admin and we have fixed to 5 topics relevant to Substrate and Polkadot development. Substrate Exchange allow users to follow topics, ask questions and reply questions related to topics. Users can also tip other users based on the user’s profile, or also tip directly based on a good reply given to a question. Substrate Exchange is currently deployed on Subsocial testnet.

How we built it

We used the subsocial-react-example from dappforce github as a boilerplate. It was useful to compare the codes here against the SDK. Based on what we understand from the SDK, we re-worked the boilerplate to meet our basic requirements to become Substrate Exchange.

Challenges we ran into

Initial challenges were planning out the features of Substrate Exchange based on the features of Subsocial based on the SDK.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Very proud to release our alpha version of Substrate Exchange on Subsocial testnet.

What we learned

Subsocial has a comprehensive SDK and reference code on github that developers can review to build

What's next for Substrate Exchange

Winning an award will be a big encouragement. If we win an award, we will continue to finetune the project and deploy an awesome product!

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