We all have a bunch of subscriptions and sometimes they get out of hand. Signing up for a bunch of services becomes costly and is difficult to manage. So we set out to solve that problem.

What it does

SubMate aims to provide useful tracking of subscription services within a mobile web application. The app provides an intuitive overview of the user’s current subscription services noting their individual cost per month as well as the user’s total spending across all services. There is functionality to add additional subscriptions which can either be selected from a list of popular services or manually entered.

How we built it

We built the app using Django-Rest-Framework with a MySQL database, which is queried by a node based react app for the web UI

Challenges we ran into

Learning the frameworks we needed in a short period of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The overall concept and the UI are well defined. The app is also easy to scale given the architecture we chose.

What we learned

Working with technologies you don't know is a challenge! Creating good organisation and structure is essential to make sure you end up implementing things in a similar way.

What's next for SubMate

We want to finish building the features we didn't get to implement i.e implementing virtual cards to control payments for each subscription and more advanced notifications. Then maybe launch it as a real SAAS product.

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