As college students who have had bad experiences subletting/renting apartments in the past, we knew that there wasn't a common way to find affordable locations without finding them through connections or Facebook groups. Websites like Zillow and Rezi often have apartments out of the average young adult's price range. Other smaller websites often have sketchy posts and a outdated UI which make them hard to trust. SubLit looks to change this.

What it does

SubLit allows users to create an account for either renting or leasing. Renters are able to put in their preferences for price and amenities while leasers can list their property information. All users can add friends and in a unique feature to our app, mutual friends can have the option to introduce a buyer to the seller. This still allows for the users to gain a sublet through a connection however all of the business is done through the app. Buyers can still look for sublets through the map feature and message subleasors directly

How We built it

The application was built using Swift. We used pre-existing UI kits to create the map and messages feature.

Challenges We ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was that only one of us had a MacOS. Since this is our first hackathon, we had never used Swift before or developed a non-android studio based application. This definitely slowed down our progress. We attended the Swift workshop -- which helped us get off to a quick start -- but we faced a lot of technical issues as we progressed. The hardest individual parts of the project were the scroll view on the profile page and the messages section. We used a UI kit for the messages but the tutorial while super useful in it's layout was a bit outdated and so we had to get help in order to adjust the UI kit to the latest version of Swift. The scroll view tutorials we used implemented the feature is what in hindsight was a roundabout way of doing things. This caused us a lot of issues in terms of our icons and text labels.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We were happy to be able to get the basic layouts, map, and messaging done. There were so many different ways to implement everything and it was hard to figure out what was the best way. We were happy that we were able to figure out most of what we needed to have a viable demo. We learned a lot and were glad we could implement what we learned

What We learned

We learned a lot about the basics of iOS development and were able to understand a lot of advanced features. We hope to continue to learn more about iOS development and be able to integrate more feature into our application.

What's next for SubLit

In the future, we would want to implement a payment option for the application. This would allow all transactions to be completed on the app. This would allow us to transition from a more social media type structure to an actual rental platform that can enter an unmet market.

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