Our team strives to find innovative ways to use technology to bring awareness to prevalent issues such as mental health in order to give others the confidence to take control of their lives. Sublimity describes a novelty state in which one feels uplifted, a feeling which we aim to provide for our users.

What it does

Sublimity is a service that provides users with the power to take control of their mental health by providing them access to research about various mental health disorders, coping mechanisms for various mental health disorders, information about the closest mental health clinics, the ability to connect with mental health professionals, and a user-friendly chatbot that allows users to jot down their emotions freely!

How we built it

We built the front-end of this project using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We built the back-end of this project, consisting of the clinic map and chatbot, using Python. In our Python code, we made use of the Pandas package to easily store our data.

Challenges we ran into

On the back-end, the biggest challenge we faced was figuring out the right way to store our data (dictionaries, lists, etc.) in order to analyze it and receive the outcome that we wanted. At first, we used only a dictionary to store the tag or type of place as the key and the number of users at that place as the value. However, we ended up realizing that it was necessary to create a list of the data for each tag and use a dictionary to index into it later on. On the front-end, we faced some difficulties with figuring out how to layout the design of our webpage, but we quickly overcame these difficulties.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a prototype that demonstrates the foundations of our idea.

What we learned

We enhanced our creative minds and learned how to use our programming knowledge to build a solution for a real-world problem.

What's next for Sublimity

We hope to improve our UI and add more resources for users to access in relation to mental health.

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