I actually didn't have an idea for a hack when I came to HackGT... nor did I have a team. When I was waiting in line to register, people around me were saying, "man I have homework I need to do on the plane after this", or "dude I have so much stuff to do once I get back". Then I thought... people are busy. It would be cool if they could keep track of their stuff in a way that's simpler than entering stuff in a calendar or arduously entering due dates in a todo program. So I thought... what can I do with natural language to make task entry as easy as possible?

Sublime todos let you enter what matters lightning fast by using natural language algorithms to figure out due dates for your todos.

Example: "CS homework due tomorrow at 12pm" will result in a todo "CS homework" being created, with a due date set to tomorrow at 12pm. Similarly, "Dinner with the fam next week", and even "Tim's birthday yesterday" works (the last one will be recognized as overdue).

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