During the past summer, we experienced the struggles of finding subletters for our apartment. Ads were posted in various locations, ranging from Facebook to WeChat. Our feeds were filled with other people looking for people to sublet as well. As a result, we decided to create Subletting Made Easy. We envision a platform where the process for students looking for a place to stay as well as students looking to rent their apartment out is as simple as possible.

What it does

Our application provides an easy-to-use interface for both students looking for subletters, and studentsseeking sublets to find the right people/apartments.

Challenges we ran into

Aside from building a clean UI and adding correct functionality, we wanted to create an extremely secure platform for each user on our app. Integrating multiple authentication tools from the Firebase and Docusign API caused various roadblocks in our application development. Additionally, despite working earlier in the morning, we ran into an Authentication Error when trying to access the HTTP Get REST API call within Click API, thus inhibiting our ability to verify the registration status of users.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the process of building an application from scratch, from front-end/UI design to back-end/database integration.

What's next

We built a functional MVP during this hackathon, but we want to expand our app to include more features such as adding secure payments and more methods to search and filter results. There's tons of possibilities for what we can add for the future to help students around the globe find sublets and subleters.

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