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Brain Computer Interface(BCI) is a very good application of Machine Learning. It is a vast emerging field where lot of big companies like Facebook and Neuralink of Elon Musk are also researching on this area.

There is no solid open source platform for BCI applications. There are only proprietary software developed for BCI applications which is only for a niche area of fields.

Identifying normal thinking patterns with this headset is possible. It may expand the capabilities of the BCI into a wide range of applications which is very useful for even disabled people. Further, this could lead to new level of human computer interactions while resolving many existing problems. For example vehicle accident can be avoided by fast reaction achieved from brain controlled devices.

The technology needed for this research is also feasible since machine learning is the most suitable platform to solve this problem. We are more passionate in doing the research regarding recognizing normal thoughts of people and build a generic platform which can be used for any application.

We have to find what are the most suitable machine learning algorithms and how to preprocess the EEG signals for the accuracy improvement of the thoughts recognition.

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