What we are trying to solve is a problem residing on existing e-commerce platforms. As these platforms still rely on a consumer to trust them to get the job done.

We are trying to make a trust-free software that to give customers the advantage while preserving accountability.

The traditional method of ordering a product via an e-commerce platform is by first paying the merchant and then tracking your item until it reaches your destination, and if anything unfortunate were to happen, a request for refund will be made. But this process is bitter as it depends on the trustworthiness of the seller and as a result there are many incidents of scamming.

Customers need to have the assurance that they would be on the positive side until they receive the ordered items. This can be achieved with the following proposed solution

What it does

In this era of decentralisation we have tools for building trust-free or trust-less systems. As these systems make sure that every party involved can be rest assured it operates as designed and doesn’t rely on a trusted third party for arbitration.

We want to make sure a merchant does not receive money until the customer receives the item and after receiving, we get a proof of receiving and release the money to the seller.

We want to make sure no one has access to the funds until the action is completed. As this creates trust-free environment for both parties.

How we built it

Rust, Substrate Node , Pallet Polkadot.js Small dot Light client React.js for frontend Origintrail for shioppment tracking KILT for user Authentication Lazerpay for handling crypto native payment

Challenges we ran into

We didn’t know the clear infrastructure of a Light Client before hand and thus limiting our current solution and for now we need to change the light- client implementations. Supply chain problem is among the hardest problem to achieve with less human intervention , but our solution aim to solve money guarantees and accountability problems rather than the correctness of the purchased item.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to find couple of solution to hard problems such as handling off-chain using light client Small dot. Able to identify what projects and libraries we can use from existing projects such KILT, Origintrail etc


We learnt a lot about ecosystem We learnt Rust/Substrate , many other libraries Learnt how to handle team members working from different location different timezone. We evolve as Rust/Substrate engineer


As at first stage we are going to building a marketplace as a normal e-commerce site . We want to be able to list the items on-chain as its vital for proof of receiving mechanism.

Secondly , we want to work with off-chain data as google maps data will be crucial for our proof of receiving algorithm.

Thirdly, we are brainstorming on how we can achieve finality on proof of receiving from the buyer just to reach on-chain agreement on the receiving of the item. One of the proposed solution is to combined map’s data and each item should have qr-code as the buyer should scan and confirm to receive the item.

Extending the Scope -

Authentication will be achieved using KILT DID

All the users of the system will have unique DID against which the complete portfolio of each user will be maintained , portfolio here refers to the buying and selling behaviour of the user, purchase history, selling history, cancel/returns, the same DID can be used for adding multiple crypto currency account such as Dot, Kushama etc.

For achieving the authentication and giving control of user identity sub-harbour will use sporran/ subkyc for account attestation and verification.

CryptoEconomics -

Giving the complete control of user data in the hands of user which includes buying /selling behaviour of user where as the system will control other statistic and data which includes shipping history, top rated products, most sold items by category, product reviews/ratings etc.

The platform can include third party businesses or data research institute where they can make monetary offer in event of buying users data direct from users. Users can sell their data to these businesses or institute against monetary gains if they wish , the platform will charge some percent of commission against these transactions.


This proposed solution is to ensure a trust-free system to operate in a desired and expected manner, but we have other areas to polish in order to have an intuitive process from purchasing to receiving.

Other areas which will be our concerns;

  1. Wallets
  2. Usage of crypto and how we can integrate existing payment options for easy adoption i.e Mobile-Money, Binance payment Api)

We propose a solution as to give users 2 options which differ on the level of control over their accounts but maintaining the same level of trust-free when purchasing upto delivering the item.

As this will be easy for non-crypto users to use crypto without their knowledge and crypto-bros to control their account however they wish

We have more things to structure but we will learn along the way.

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