Our hack is called SubChrome. It is a Chrome extension app which allows users to surf the internet more efficiently. Users can type in their intended actions and SubChrome will automatically help the user locate, focus or click on the button necessary to accomplish a task.

The idea behind SubChrome was inspired by SublimeText's command palette, which we believe is beneficial for both novice and expert users. SubChrome can guide newbies through complex tasks, while at the same time it can reduce effort and improve speed for expert users by acting like a command line tool for browsing the web.

SubChrome is in the process of being reviewed for the Chrome Web Store. If you would like to try it before it's released, follow these steps:

Download the .zip file here: https://github.com/MitHack/SubChrome/archive/master.zip.

  • You can extract the compressed file.
  • Open google chrome
  • Go to settings
  • In the extension tab check the Developer mode checkbox
  • Click on load unpacked extension ...
  • Select the app folder within the extracted file

For now SubChrome supports Facebook and Twitter, but it would be easy for GitHub users to contribute and add compatibility with other websites.

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