We wanted to create a system that could use Publix's private API to order subs in an easier and more accessible way.

What it does

It brings joy and happiness to everyone through PubSubs. It also uses the private Publix API to build and order subs to your local Publix.

How we built it

For the backend, we reverse engineered the Publix sub API, built our own API, and implemented it in an app. For the box, we designed the box to be as modular as possible to try and get the most options for the user as we can.

Challenges we ran into

Reverse engineering the API and gathering all the information needed to make the order was very challenging. Another challenge was wiring all the buttons and LEDs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made everything work! The API and the Box AND the app all work1!!!

What we learned

Hardware, LEDS are cool.

What's next for SubBuddy

Buddy >> Buddies : getting Publix and Subway integration.

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