About 75% of EU Businesses are small and medium businesses. They are easy targets of Pandemic crisis and are forced to extinction. I was inspired to built an ecosystem that will transform and disrupt the way we Merchants and Businesses interact, advertise and engage with a growing demanding Consumers. Taking steps of digitising the sales and marketing channels of small businesses will spark adversely business continuity even in difficult times. Our Mission was to develop a simple innovative platform for SMEs.

What it does

We have developed both the SUBAJ App and SUBAJ Merchant Marketing Platform. The Merchant Backend allows Businesses to advertise and market their products, services, coupons, deals and offers directly to the immediate environment of consumers around their vicinity. It allows 24/7 sales even after hours by allowing customers to still engage and interact via AR-scanning and QR-codes pasted on the windows. It allows Merchants to reward consumers via blockchain-based reward tokens. This Rewards tokens have real values that can be donated by customers on each purchase to charity via the SUBAJ App.

SUBAJ Platform supports the Merchants Community in any City by augmenting the products of local merchants (offers, vouchers, coupons, sales) everywhere in the City ( Gamification concept ), thus allowing customers to come out and embrace the cities and merchants stores. It improves the commerce of a city by enhancing the attraction-frequency of tourists by using augmented reality to display historical contents and hotspots infos.

In the quest for a Digital Europe, SUBAJ provides Gen-Z consumers with an omnichannel engagement and immersive experience while shopping. It helps Merchants & Businesses to generate alternative streams of revenues from passive media channels (print, outdoor, tv, flyer, catalogue) by making them an active interactive selling space.

How I built it

As a GeoInformatic Engineer, i gathered a team of 12 Code Developers and Business Analysts and we developed each phase of the Ecosystem. It took us 18months of development to thoroughly understand the market needs, customers desires, merchants habits and needs and tailor out, after a 5 month survey with 600 Merchants participating, a perfect strategy for the solutions and modules we developed.

We studied the market transition and noticed that digitisation and omnichannel sales are needed by each Business. So we decided to build the right solution for the smaller businesses that can't afford high digitalisation and technology costs.

Challenges I ran into

First was to find out how to make the App interesting and attractive to consumers and shoppers intoner for them to install and utilise the functionalities. Also how to get the Merchants to support and see the need to use the platform as their major communication and advertising channel. Also we worked on how to make a merchant store offer coupons and other products directly from manufacturers or wholesalers and getting external commissions. This is possible via augmented reality. Cross channel products are augmented in the stores and customers may use the SUBAJ App to buy or access other products digitally and make purchase instant via the APP and the small business gets commissioned. One of the major challenge was to get a major Brand or Large Corporation to run a pilot case with us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • MVP ready for SUBAJ App
  • MVP ready for SUBAJ Merchant Marketing Backend
  • Won Excellence in Application of Blockchain in Retail Commerce Award at the NewAge Banking Europe Summit
  • Won Excellence in Application of Blockchain to Consumer Rewards Scheme Award at the Global Blockchain Congress Event
  • Won Blockchain Man of the Year 2018 Award at the Global Blockchain Congress Event

What I learned

I have learned to be a Team Player. Also learned to built solutions that can withhold a possible pandemic crisis. Covid-19 has created a huge need for Digitalisation of Merchants & Retailers Sales processes and efficient customer communication channels. Also learned that Technology well used and directed can change the lives of many. Our Social Charity concept saves a child each time a customer donates his/her loyalty rewards token which he/she receives for free from the merchants.

What's next for SUBAJ

May 2020: Finish up Payment Integration & start discussions with Chamber of Commerce and major Brands

June 2020: Onboard Vouchers, Coupons on App

July 2020: Connect to Merchants and Brands for Pilot projects in 5 major EU Markets. Start City Concepts for Merchants and Retailers

October 2020: Launch fully in all EU markets. Whitelabel model & franchise solutions

2021: Solidify Functionalites and processes towards a Digital Future for EU

2022: Launch SUBAJ AR iVisio Eyewear to allow attraction of tourists to EU

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