As students ourselves and the first batch of computer engineers from our school it became difficult to find solutions to our problems as there were no seniors to consult. We then realized we may be the first batch of computer engineers from our university but there were other universities with students offering computer engineering so what if we could connect with them? After researching to see if other students wish they can connect with other students from other universities, we came up with SUAPON

What it does

SUAPON is an online community of not only university students but also other tertiary institutions across the globe. We wish to give students the opportunity to experience exchange programs without having to travel. Suapon gives students the opportunity to interact with each other sharing knowledge, ideas and resources.

How we built it

We took a year to do a research to see how students think about an exchange program without the cost of travelling. After the research we built a prototype (hyphen-uenr) for our university and from the feedback we got from the users we decided to scale up and build the platform. We also used data collected using the Facecook Analysis Tool to improve the system by knowing the part of the system users interact with most.

Challenges we ran into

Upon the success on our campus, the main challenge was how to make it known on other campuses. This means there was the need for advertisement and SUAPON was not generating any income so that means we had to use our pocket money.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud we are able to connect students together and promoting peer-to-peer learning

What we learned

We had a lot of experience when building this system. We learnt how to use facebook analysis tool to improve our system by checking how users interact with the system.

What's next for Suapon

Right now we are in 10 tertiary institutions in Ghana and we hope to scale up to include students from Africa and the world as a whole.

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