Implementing Image transformation algorithms.

Also, deploying a deep learning model in production.

What it does

There are a couple of algorithms provided

  • Multi Style Transfer for Images: Allows taking an image from a file, webcam or sharing a screen and applying 16 different styles with different proportions.

  • Comixifying Images: Take an image similar to the Multi Style Transfer, and comixify it in a manner similar to japanese anime style.

How I built it

  • The models were first trained on Google Cloud ML Engine, and it is also used as a prediction service.

  • The web service is implemented in Go, and the frontend uses material components.

  • Additionally, for Multi Style Transfer, an offline model is also provided for on device prediction, as well as offline prediction.

What's next for stylizer

  • more image to image transformation models, see the readme in the tasks folder in the repo


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