Stylist teaches developers good programming and documentation style through a quiz where questions are automatically generated from prior projects.

  • Programming Languages:
    • Javascript (Google style guide)
  • Documentation:
    • Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style"


We use JSCS to lint code extracted from a user-submitted Github repository following the Google style guide.

English Language Linting

We use a fork of a Strunk and White english linter by @deniseli. The rules which are checked include:

  • Context free:
    • Exclamations
    • In-word dashes
    • Parenthesis
    • First-person
  • Context dependent:
    • Singular possessive
    • As or Then
    • As to Whether
    • Oxford comma
    • Date format
    • Omit needless words
    • Loose sentences
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