For the incredibly lazy that don't want to pick out their own wardrobe.

What it does

User says "Alexa Dress Me" Alexa will then pick out an outfit for the user based off of mutable database of clothes. User has option to add clothes to database. Dress Me contains machine learning algorithm that encourages her to offer certain combinations.

How we built it

Caffeine, Discussion, Explanation, Explanation of Explanation, Caffeine

Challenges we ran into

Too many to list, but we'll try.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Machine learning algorithm that encourages Alexa to offer certain items of clothing. -If Alexa recommends clothing that the user really does not like, Alexa is less likely to offer combos similar to those

What we learned

How to make Amazon Alexa Skills

What's next for Stylist

Incorporate other parts of Amazon ecosystem. -Alexa can recommend certain clothing that is popular on Amazon.

Built With

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