Stylinger: Style that Lingers We are a sustainable fashion platform that allows anyone from anywhere to learn about sustainable fashion and to rock the clothes they already have. The fast fashion industry is detrimental to the planet, greatly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, toxic waste, and textile pollution. Furthermore, often factories treat their workers horribly. The problem is, even though the average person cares about the planet, they don't know a lot about sustainable fashion. Also, fashion is common hobby that many people enjoy. How might we enable people who love fashion (as well as those who don't) to be sustainable while still being stylish? Enter Stylinger.

What it does

Stylinger has 3 quintessential features: My Closet, the personalized Dashboard, and the Forum. My Closet allows you to input your clothes and create outfits yourself, to maximize the clothes you already own. Run out of ideas? Our app also has a component that creates outfits for you. Then, you "like" them, name them, and you can choose to make them public to show other people. The Dashboard allows you to follow trends you like, public people who's style you enjoy, and see random outfits to get new inspiration. Search keywords or usernames. The Forum allows you to learn about sustainable fashion topics, ask questions, and share your own knowledge.

How I built it

I built the prototype using Figma.

Challenges I ran into

Accomodating user friendly features, a lot of big ideas, and a short time scale.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually completing this! (this is my first time using Figma)

What I learned

That the design process is super fun and can be really meaningful! But it definitely takes more than 5 hours.

What's next for Stylinger: Style that Lingers


  • like yelp: local brands, reviews / rewards
  • if interest: friends/private messages
  • brands page for promotions, questions, favorites

Built With

  • figma
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