Each community on the social media site Reddit posts in different places called "subreddits". These community hubs are centered around a specific topic, whether it's a game that people like or an activity that people like to do.

These subreddits are all controlled by moderators, which can choose the rules for posting, manage threads, etc. Moderators of a specific subreddit are also able to add a stylesheet to their subreddit to make it unique. This feature inspires a lot of creativity.

There are amazing authors of stylesheets that distribute their code for moderators to use on their subreddits. However, there is no central place for finding these authored stylesheets, so most are underused and hard to find.

As part of an 8-week online programming cohort called Chingu, I teamed up with 2 developers around the world to complete the first stylesheet library for Reddit.

This was one of my first major programming projects, and my first dive into HTML, CSS, and JS. This was the first time I had collaborated remotely with other developers on a programming project.

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