The ease of online shopping combined with a lack of imagination is an absolute pain! God bless the virtual fitting rooms but there just aren´t enough designs! We want to enable the visualization of a large range of different clothes combinations across a range of shops and criteria, especially price.

How it works:

We will use PHP to scrap data from the other online stores and import the image with their labels into our library. Thereafter we will allow selection of these clothing items using Javascript, and the interface is presented using Bootstrap where users can select certain features of clothing they like such as color. These narrows the range of items down and users can swipe left / right or press left / right to change clothing until they find a matching set. Easy.


We ran into PHP scraping and crawling data is hard for uniform data processing for our library.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Slider works, overall interface is clean, and easily scalable with our library structure.

What I learned:

Stay happy!

What's next for StyleCombo:

Perfect the crawling function for the library such that we can scrap data fast and easily from any online shopping site using just 1 url. Add permanent database. Include more types to select clothing items.

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