The inspiration for this app was staying in a dorm room without a window. I never knew what weather I'd be stepping out into, and this caused me some duress, especially during the winter months of Michigan.

What it does

You give us your zip code, and we give you the weather, and some suggested outfits to wear for the day.

How I built it

I built this as a web based project, leveraging multiple apis such as target's and firebase to create a cohesive platform with a solid user experience.

Challenges I ran into

Initially it was difficult to get used to the way Firebase structures their data and sets up queries. After the initial setup, I got the hang of it. The biggest difficulty I found was trying to use geolocation to gather a user's location, user HTML Geolocator. This was difficult, as there are very few libraries that are sufficient enough to do reverse-geolocation efficiently. So I decided only to have the user's set their zipcode during sign up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning Firebase Building a functional API Starting the project from the ground up Staying committed, and Making my first submission to a hackathon!

What I learned

It's never as easy as you think it will be.

What's next for Style.Me

Porting it to mobile, as I see it as a more viable market. I'd also like to implement payments so you can buy the outfits you see on the platform.

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